Graph Theory App

The App That Automates 2D and 3D Graph Creation

Creating Graphs Has Never Been Easier

The Graph Creation Challenge

Graphs are used to represent networks of communication. They are constructed by nodes. However, calculating the positions for each node, the distances between nodes and other additional constraints can be a challenge – especially if you’re looking to create both 2D and 3D graphs. Finding software to support both is not easy.

The Vision Behind the App

The Graph Theory application was built on a mission to automate the processes of creating 2D and 3D graphs. The founder wanted to create an app that would receive a list of important information, and calculate positions for each of the nodes. He envisioned that the created algorithm would then be able to automatically set initial positions for all nodes. He also hoped to adjust positions to reduce the total distance error using an iterative algorithm. So he partnered with Scopic, a desktop application development company, to build the Graph Theory app and make the experience of graph creation easier.

The Scopic Solution

On joining forces with Scopic, we built and designed this desktop application to both calculate nodes and reduce the total distance error when creating graphs. During the development process, our coders used technologies such as C++, OpenGL, Windows, and Parse to bring this app to life. Other activities involved:

UX Design

UI Design

Desktop Application Development

We then continued working on the desktop application to make the user interface and experience better. Now users can enjoy a flawless graph creation process when using Graph Theory.

Skills Involved:

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